Natron: Stereoscopic Open Source Compositor

I stumbled across a very interesting free, cross-platform, open source video compositor called Natron.

What does a video compositor do? Basically, it’s a tool for combining video images in complex ways. Video compositors are used extensively in special effects, commercials, and video production in general.

Natron appears to be modeled after a commercial video compositor called Nuke. I’ve not used Nuke, but apparently Natron is so similar to Nuke that the Nuke manual can be used as a reference for learning Natron.

Anyway, the reason why I’m mentioning Natron is because of this little menu in the program:


That’s right — Natron appears to support stereoscopic video.

Now, I’ve only spent a few minutes with Natron. I’ve joined the Natron Facebook group. I’ve done nothing useful with Natron so far, and don’t know when I’ll have time to do so. If you experiment with it…how are the 3D features? Please post your thoughts below.

As a side note, Natron — along with Blender and Krita — are being taught at the Paris-8 University. I’ve used Blender nearly every day for the past year and eventually hope to write about the stereoscopic software tools I’ve developed for it. Krita is a nice-looking, free Photoshop replacement that seems very promising. It’s interesting to see these powerful open source tools starting to be treated as near-equals to their commercial counterparts.


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